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Headache Relief Hat Migraine Cap, Wearable Migraine Mask Ice Head Wrap for Tension Headache, Puffy Eyes, Sinus Headache & Stress Relief

Rs. 399.00
Rs. 699.00
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  • Effective Comfort

  • Effective Relief

  • Effective Design


Rs.40 off for prepaid order (use code "Prepaid40")

ICE Gel Pack Efficiently
Relief Pain

Experience Relief Anywhere, Anytime!

Comfort With Ease!

Comfortable, smooth, and soft without putting undue pressure on specific areas like a hard ice pack

Dual Purpose

Continue with your day-to-days task, by wearing your Head Cap two different ways.

Perfect Design

Designed with material to block light for sensitivity and stretchable to fit most.

Hot Or Cold

Provides both hot and cold therapy to meet your needs

Advanced Migraine Relief Cap

Enhanced Comfort, Extended Coverage, and Odorless Design


We us an more advanced material which not only removes the smell, but also is non-toxic and harmless, so that every migrainer can use it at ease.

Cold & Hot Compress

Just place it into the refrigerator for 2hs or heat it in the microwave oven (700W) for 40s. Take it out and put it on to relieve your migraine.

More Coverage Area

The Migraine Relief Cap provides 30% more coverage, which can cover your head almost 360 degrees, allowing the cold to reach the top of your head.

New Materials

We have upgraded the traditional gel, which has no unpleasant smell, stays cold longer and maintains maximum flexibility even after prolonged freezing

Flexible Hot and Cold
Therapy Options

Customizable Comfort for Migraine Relief

Hot Therapy

Take out the migraine cap from zipper bag and place it in the center of microwave oven. Heat for 30 seconds with middle power and test the temperature for comfort. 10-second increments to get your desired temperature.(Different microwaves may vary )

Cold Therapy

Put the cap in supplied zipper bag, place it in freezer. For maximum performance, store the migraine hat in freezer for at least 2 hours. It will stay cold for more than 20 mins.

Care Tips For Headache
Relief Cap

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