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3 In 1 Kitchen Combo - Kitchen Lighter, Stainless Steel Knife and Peeler

by DeoDap
SKU 2159_3in1_lighter_pack

DSIN 2159

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Stainless Steel LP Gas Lighter, Kitchen Knife and Peeler, Multicolor

Gas Lighter

Gas lighters are necessary equipment for every household for fast lightning of gas ovens. This gas lighter with plastic handle from the brand of offers a great deal of protection and is especially useful for household kitchens. This gas lighter, which has been made for regular use, will last you a long time before needing a replacement. It used to lights LPG gas, it is made of high quality stainless steal with a electric spark producing mechanism which produces a spark button behind the lighter, it produces a spark which is used to ignite the LPG gas  

Kitchen Knife

Stylish Household Knife in Fresh Color No matter what you're about to prepare, the Knife will help you do it. Small, sharp and agile, this knife is delicate enough for delicacies and tough enough for the toughest meats. Keep it close at hand and cut, slice and carve your way through to a beautiful meal every time. This household knife, is every at-home cooks, go-to tool for precision jobs in the kitchen. Household Knife is a knife drawer standout not only for its fresh color palette but also for its sharp edge and pointed tip 

Kitchen Peeler

Universal peeler comes in handy. Its serrated edge is ready to face the firmest peels while its ergonomic handle makes cooking as fun as it is easy.

It absolutely makes the peeling fast, easier, and safer. This stainless steel blade peeler is specifically designed for peeling fruit and vegetables so you do not risk being cut in using a knife when peeling. It peels absolutely thin outer layers of vegetables or fruit to prevent cutting large portions

Package Content: 

1 x Gas Lighter 

1 x  Kitchen Knife

1 x  Kitchen Peeler

Country Of Origin : INDIA